Top 6 Useful Tips to Achieve Productivity with Help Desk Software

Any successful company knows that productivity is important. Businesses are able to increase their capacity by utilizing the human resources they have, and a majority of productive companies will also have happy employees who help them be more successful in general.

Below are the six useful tips that will help you increase your productivity using a help desk solution like Risepath.

1.   Focus on one ticket at a time

Some people believe they can do more than one thing at a time such as focus on their work and answer emails but this is really just an illusion.

Harvard Business Review suggests that you stop trying to multitask and just focus on one task at a time. Multitasking leads to as much as 40% drop in productivity, increased stress, and 10% decrease in IQ; so it’s better for your career if you learn how to do one thing well instead of juggling many things poorly!

Multitasking may seem beneficial at first, but the truth is that it will only add to your workload and slow you down. When a task requires 100% focus in order for completion, multitasking can actually be counterproductive by causing stress on both your mind and body while taking up valuable time as well.

A task is an important responsibility, and when you are trying to do multiple tasks at the same time, it’s impossible for your focus on any of them to be complete. When a person focuses their full attention on one thing that needs finishing quickly, they can finish it much faster than if they tried multitasking. RisePath Support Desk is the best tool for you to be more efficient.

2.   Create Accountability

RisePath Support Desk software is a great way to ensure accountability for all of the problems in your company. It can help you and your team solve any issues that arise quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Without creating accountability structure on your team, possibilities are:

  • there would be no work is done properly,
  • the team would be working without a proper brief,
  • there would be a lack in focus,
  • it could be possible that there are no clear objectives due to not having a proper description,
  • the work can get stuck when any risk or problem arises.

With no accountability, people will think that the next team member is going to handle this. This means a task can be left undone without any consequences for weeks or months! Use help desk software to assign tickets and make sure they’re only taken on when you’ve solved your first ticket by following these steps: 

1) Assign Tickets – You should always start with assigning tasks using good quality software like RisePath Support Desk. The right choice of tools makes all the difference in ensuring successful execution of projects because it gives everyone their own responsibility as well as reporting back status updates so managers know how things are progressing at each stage. 

2) Take Action – Once assigned, take action immediately! Don’t wait until it’s too late before starting work on an issue.

3.   Use email and app notifications

Customers want to be sure that they don’t find themselves in a long-term situation where their problem is never solved. Give them the courtesy and attention of solving any problems quickly, which will make your customers from satisfied people into appreciative loyal ones!As soon as a customer books a ticket using your help desk tool, every second matters. If you don’t reach the customer ASAP they will be frustrated with their experience and may not come back to book again in the future – but that’s where personalized notifications can really make all of the difference! You need to receive a notification from our system when customers ask for assistance so you have enough time to respond quickly. That is why we’ve created an app that allows customers who use it on mobile devices to get alerts whenever new tickets are posted or updated directly on their phone screens while also receiving important company updates about changes made by management without having them filtered through social media feeds first (like email). RisePath Support Desk is the perfect tool for you!

4.   Automation

Why should one get a notification of a ticket with which they are not at all concerned?

Why should the sales team receive a notification when the ticket is related to after-sales service or some issue?

People should not unnecessarily be notified of tickets they are uninterested in. A common gripe among many is the alarming notifications that come up for things you really don’t have any interest in, like a parking ticket from two weeks ago or an event at which you won’t even attend.

Automation using help desk software is a highly effective way to solve the issue of human error. You can create an automation that will file incoming tickets into the appropriate inbox for your team’s tool, and you can even add other automation such as prioritizing or assigning these tasks automatically in order to save hours of time on behalf of the members who would otherwise have done it themselves.

5.   Set your help desk software to auto-pilot mode

Every time we need to solve a query, the customer is unavailable. They often do not reply when they should be replying and then there’s nothing that I can do but wait!

I always feel frustrated because as soon as one of their queries comes in, it becomes my responsibility for me to fix it even though they’re never available if something goes wrong with what was already done.
The best thing you need to do about the situation is to send an email reminder to the customer that they haven’t gotten back to you by the end of the day, automatically. You can easily set this using RisePath Support Desk software.

6.   Have responses stored

Typing to reply to frequently asked questions can be boring and a waste of your precious time. Save the answers you find yourself repeating in a list for later reference or make use of help desk software that saves typing by storing all previous solutions which are just one click away from solving tickets on hand. Boost productivity with an efficient workflow, utilizing only the best possible tools available, choose RisePath Support Desk!

Following these tips will help you achieve productivity with the best help desk software. Choosing a simple and easy-to-use solution like RisePath Support Desk is one of the most important things that employees working in customer service need to do for their jobs, so it’s essential to choose wisely when selecting your help desk tool- this way, you’ll have all features at your disposal and be able to tackle any obstacle which might get in your way!