Project Manager

Four Essential Habits of Every Great Project Manager

A project manager, in real terms, is a one who is efficient in bearing and performing the responsibilities of planning, procuring and executing a project. The person must be smart enough to plan, execute and manage the engaged people, available and acquired resources and a definite scope from its inception to completion. Being a project manager in such a competitive environment is not a child’s talk. There come innumerable challenging situations. However, it is not necessary that a project manager must be an elderly experienced person. One can become a project manager at any age. All it needs is the courage and confidence and some essential habits to carry out the project and achieve the targeted goals.

Here, we noted four basic habits that must be possessed by a project manager not only to lead the project but also to lead the entire life successfully :

  1. Be active to manage the team — For successful project management, a project manager should be active and understanding to manage its team effectively. A team can be able to perform productively only under a proper manager. It’s not possible for you to present everywhere at the same time. Thus, as a project manager, you must spend your time in evaluating the abilities of your team members and allot responsibilities accordingly.

Be frank in :

  • Asking questions
  • Appreciating team’s work
  • Welcoming useful ideas and pieces of advice
  • Understanding your own merits and demerits.
  1. Be ready to meet and face the challenges — There stand numerous hurdles and complications during a project acquisition and execution. A project manager should be ready or, you could say, a step ahead to deal promptly with any harsh situation or complexities. Upcoming obstacles are not a special thing, it’s usual, it may come, you have to handle them in a wise and patient manner.

You must be able to :

  • Predict the future complications
  • Find out relevant solutions
  • Make decisions in extreme circumstances
  • Adjustable and adaptive
  1. Be updated with your working procedure and track them timely — The third best golden habit of a project manager is to keep records and tracks of the tasks in a well organized written form. An individual can’t keep everything in mind. Keeping meeting reports, expenses, targets, daily tasks, major issues, important contacts, reminders, etc. helps you in building your organization stronger. This will help you in dealing with your superiors confidently and gives you a clear report.
  2. Create a productive atmosphere: For the success of a project, you must put special effort in creating a productive environment. This can be done by :
  • Providing all the necessary tools and apparatus required to carry out all the tasks accurately.
  • Prevailing an optimistic environment by motivating the team members. This will make them feel comfortable, energetic and contented.
  • Try to give a positive feedbacks, mini celebrations, and appraisals to your team members. Constructive criticism is also welcomed.

Even though there are a lot of stress and responsibilities, a good project manager can easily deal with every pathetic situation. You must have a unique mindset and talented working skills.