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Best Project Management App To Manage Project Effectively

Projects are always something which is not sure to be completed on time. A project can easily take more time than estimated. Here, a project management app can help you in planning and managing things along with helping you in completing plans on time without affecting your company’s budget. Here in this article, we will be talking about one of the best project management app which can help in managing your projects along with meeting deadlines on time.

What is a Project Management App?

The team that are managing multiple projects cannot rely on human memory. If someone is relying on human memory then they are surely doing mistakes. Project management app is the solution to all the requirements to manage and timely deliver a project without making mistakes and avoiding miscommunications.

What Makes a Best Project Management App?

To make it more clear and simplified, we have listed down some major factors which are required in a project management application. A project management application must help you in collaborating with a team effectively along with being on time.

The layout of an application is one of those things which matters a lot. There are numerous ways to manage a project but a project management app makes it simple and more organized to manage your projects.

No doubt, there are plenty of project management apps available online. But, do every application works for you? do every application meets your requirements? Obviously, not every application will match your requirements. So, we have to find a solution which caters to a variety of purposes and usage.

Let’s talk about PlanCentral now, will see how PlanCentral serves to your project management requirements.

PlanCentral: Complete Solution to Project Management

plancentral project management dashboard

This project management app is designed to work effectively according to your requirements. We’ve taken care that this reduces your hectic and lets you communicate in flow with all team members. Along with communication, it helps in allocating and following up with team members regarding their work and tasks.

Plans and Activities

plancentral Plans and Activities

Measuring and tracking tasks is one the most important part of a project. Plans and activities module of PlanCentral lets you easily measure the tasks and activities of team members hence increasing productivity. For example, you can create tasks like “Build a Website for XYZ Company” and distribute work to all the required departments like Designing, Development, and testing. Then your team will be able to create tasks and activities which will make work organized and easy to track.

Chat and Activity Feed

plancentral Chat and Activity Feed

Another important part is communication between team members. PlanCentral increases the ability to communicate with the team effectively. Chatting module is integrated into PlanCentral which helps in proper and flowing communication between all the team members which not only eliminates miscommunication but increases productivity and saves time. Chat and activity feed is the best and easiest method to stay updated about tasks and activities.

Files Sharing

file sharing plancentral

PlanCentral has also integrated a file sharing modules which helps in sharing and distribution of files with ease. Files can be shared and stored easily and save into dedicated folders for each team member and tasks. Files are automatically stored in PlanCentral for future references. You can also create custom folders to store additional files as well.

Dashboard and Calendar

plancentral Dashboard and Calendar

In order to keep team members informed about the plans and tasks, PlanCentral integrated a calendar and organized dashboard. The dashboard allows you to have a quick overview of everything you are working on along with deadlines. The dashboard of plancentral is really powerful and works perfectly for keeping an eye on all the work. Also, you will be able to get complete information about what’s going on and updates related to the work allotted to team members.

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Who Can Get Benefited from PlanCentral?

Well, PlanCentral is the perfect fit for all those companies who are managing multiple products. But, if we talk about some of the types of companies who always need an app like Plancentral, then there will be three categories:

  1. IT Companies: Track projects having thousands of different tasks with ease using Plancentral.
  2. Marketing Companies: Organize business objectives and events. Eliminate the risk of missing any task with Plancentral.
  3. Design Companies: Manage all clients and types of task relating to them safely with reliable storage space.

Having all these rich features and unique UI, plancentral is one of the best project management app which is used by over 1000s of companies worldwide including AT&T, UCLA, STYLZY, hope, and many more. Also, we have been featured on Huffington Post, Business Insider, USA Today, ABC News and many other leading websites.