project management app for small business

Best Project Management App for Small Business

Are you still dependent on traditional methods in order to manage projects for your business? Well, Traditional ways which people use to manage their projects is a hard to manage as well as not much accurate way. So, that is why we have a project management app for small businesses and we can say for almost every type and size of businesses. This new technology allows us to automate tasks which are part of project management. It also saves efforts and increases productivity. Along with it, it helps in a way better communication between team members as compared to traditional approaches and methods.

It pretty common that people fail to deliver projects to clients when they are dependent on traditional ways. Even, statistics show that the percentage of projects delivered on time using traditional methods is very minimal. So, in order to deliver projects on time and to gain client satisfaction, you must have a project management app for your business.

A report from Gallup News shows that 56% of business was able to reach their business intent and out of them only 25% of businesses were able to deliver projects on time.

There are various tasks managed by a project management app. Managing all the tasks is hard and hectic work. So, why not use technology which is made for your purpose. A lot of people go to agencies and development companies to get themselves a project management software. A custom made project management app can hurt your pocket. Because getting it developed and regular maintenance can consume 1000s of dollars every month from your business pocket.

Now let’s talk about the catch, PlanCentral is one of the widely used and one f the best project management apps for small business as well as businesses of all sizes and types. Also, it won’t consume 1000s of dollars from your business’s pocket.

So, let’s talk about project management application. This will make you better understand it and see that how it matches to your purpose.

What is a Project Management App?

plancentral project management dashboard

The project management application is a type of software which is used specifically for projects management. It allows a team to effectively work on a project with fewer confusions and more productivity.

Still, there are a lot of other ways in which you can use a project management application. Its main function is to facilitate the planning and tracking of a project.

These are the following primary functions of a project management application:

Project Planning: To characterize a project plan, a project chief (PM) may utilize the product to delineate tasks and outwardly portray task cooperations.

Task management: Allows for the creation and task of tasks, due dates, and status reports.

Documents sharing and joint effort: Productivity is expanded by means of a focal report vault gotten to by project partners.

Timetable and contact sharing: Project courses of events incorporate booked gatherings, movement dates, and contacts that ought to naturally refresh overall PM and partner schedules.

Bug and blunder management: Project management programming encourages bug and mistake announcing, seeing, advising and refreshing for partners.

Time following: Software must possess the capacity to follow energy for all tasks keeps up records for outsider advisors.

PlanCentral is Made for You

It is a simple yet powerful project and task management application made to cater to all project management needs. Plancentral is among one of the most affordable project management apps which cost only $5 per month for a team of 50 members. You can access and manage your projects using PlanCentral iOS Mobile App, Website and Android App.

Plancentral has been featured on leading websites like Huffington Post, Business Insider, ABC News, and USA Today.

Why PlanCentral is Best for You?

It allows you to work on projects and manage them effectively. This lets you complete projects faster and deliver them on time. PlanCentral performs various tasks including:

  1. Tracking Tasks: It helps you in keeping an eye on all the work going on a project and tracking it with all the information.
  2. Organized Dashboard: Dashboard of PlanCentral allows you to have an overview of all the project information and data with an organized dashboard.
  3.  Communicating Well: Chatting option in PlanCentral app allows better communication between team members.
  4. Better File Sharing and Organizing: PlanCentral is integrated with cloud storage which allows you to organize and store files related to particular projects easily on the cloud.

There is a lot more which you need to know about PlanCentral. This project management app for small business is used by thousands of teams. Start using it and manage your project with ease using PlanCentral now.